We work with a variety of flooring materials, including hardwood, laminate, and engineered materials.


Original hardwoods can give a new lease of life to the home with proper maintenance and TLC. Our experts have the right equipment and knowledge to add years to your current wood floors.


Our contractors are experts at achieving superb results in the most complicated situations, including stairs or other not easily accessible hallways or closets.


We will assist our clients in choosing the best option for their home or office, taking all factors into consideration, including price.

Installation Plan

Our team will organize the delivery of flooring materials and schedule installation, aspiring to make the experience as convenient as possible for our clients.

The installation

Having chosen the finest quality of materials, we are proud to deliver personalized service to all of our clients. Offering the industry’s best flooring and installation practices, we provide all the essentials that are needed for the quick and high-quality floor installation in your commercial or residential spaces.

Your choice for expert floors

Capable of handling all sorts of residential and commercial flooring services

Beautiful flooring can make an enormous impact on a home’s appearance and value. Whether you are looking to resurface your original hardwood or install brand new bamboo, our flooring service is the right choice for the job. Imagine the view of your home or business with gorgeous flooring beneath your feet, accenting the walls and furniture and taking your space to the next level.

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6 things you should know before start
1. Resurfaced or brand new

Original hardwoods maintain the character and integrity of the home. However, in some cases resurfacing is more costly than a new floor. Ask for quotes on both options to make the right choice.

2. Carpet life expectancy

Most carpet lasts about five years. If you re buying a new property with old carpet or have had your carpets for over five years, it is probably time to consider replacing it. Many germs and diseases can live in carpets for months.

3. Carpet versus hard surface

If you have a growing family or pets, a carpet might not be the right choice for you. Tile, concrete, wood, or laminate is easier to clean and maintain, lengthening the value of your investment.

4. Soften your space

If you are reluctant to choose hard flooring over carpet, keep in mind that adding rugs and mats is a great way to soften your space and is less of a commitment than wall to wall carpet.

5. Durability

Depending on your desired look, there are many excellent choices for durability. If you prefer tile, porcelain is the best choice for strength. Surprisingly, laminate flooring has made great strides as of late in terms of its durability, making it not only cost-effective and attractive but also long-lasting.

6. Carpet Cleaning

If you give preference to a new carpet, then get ready to clean it regularly (especially if you have pets and kids). Vacuum it once a week, paying special attention to the areas where people sit and eat. For more impressive results, take your carpet to the dry-cleaner once or twice a year. This will make it last stain-free for longer.