Site Preparation

All surfaces are provided with the necessary preparation, from sanding and cleaning to plaster coating. Edges and surfaces are taped properly and protected from seeping and splatter, ensuring a clean and crisp result.

Professional Tradesmen

Our contractors are knowledgeable and have mastered the latest painting techniques, including skim coating, to achieve the desired results in your home or office.


Our team uses the highest quality paint and primers that will not only stand up to wear and tear, but will maintain its truest and brightest color, lengthening that new paint look for as long as possible.


It's important to use the right brushes and rollers when you paint. We only use the most effective and efficient supplies.

Final Product

Upon completion, the site will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Customized Approach

Industrial grade paints and products are adjusted to every project exclusively, maximizing the efficiency and durability of the paint.

Painting services

Providing the best value in both products and techniques

A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your space. Create the best first impression with the new look of the walls in your house or office space, which looks like it was built yesterday. With such versatility, paint can change the mood with the right color selection, demonstrating that you take proper care of your property.

Let us lead you through a total or moderate wall transformation with our comprehensive paint service. Our team will assist you in choosing the right paint colors, finishes, and plaster options. Plus, we manage of the entirety of the project from prep to clean up.

Our previous projects
250 West 94th St., Manhattan

- object type: Apartment
- terms: 2 weeks
- budget: < $25.000

6 things you should know before start
1. Preparation

Although it may seem to be rather quick and easy to paint your house inside and out, there are certain preparation steps that you need to keep in mind. These include choosing quality rollers and brushes, filling gaps and holes, cleaning walls, and covering the floor and furnishings.

2. Choosing colors

Before settling on the paint color, apply the sample tone to each wall and watch how it will change during the day. The changing light in the room will affect the color's appearance.

3. Deciding on style

Consider your furniture and accessories when choosing the color. If you choose traditional furniture, bright and trendy shades will not compliment your existing look. Keep those shades for smaller areas that can be painted again when the look goes out of style.

4. Choosing the right sheen

Consider how much activity will take place near certain walls. For areas like bathrooms, choose satin because it is easier to wipe clean.

5. Baseboards

Don’t forget about the baseboards. Your shade should complement the trim whether natural wood or bright white.

6. Size matters

Darker colors work better in large spaces. If you do not intend to recolor for a while, it is best to go with a neutral shade.